How GVS Bariatric Surgeons are Helping Local Men Meet Weight Loss Goals

Bariatric surgery for weight loss has historically and predominately been taken advantage of by women. One study, conducted over a decade, demonstrated that while 80.7% of bariatric patients consisted of females, only 19.3% were men. In one year, however, the same study revealed that the percentage of men receiving bariatric surgery rose from 15.4% to 21.7%. 

Find out why men in the Greater Mishawaka area are consulting with bariatric surgeons at GVS to help them with their weight-loss journey.

Five Reasons More Men May be Willing to Opt for Bariatric Surgery

The basic bariatric surgery meaning refers to a procedure that involves the modification of the stomach and the small intestine. By reducing the size of the stomach and small intestine, the body consumes and digests fewer calories. 

There are several reasons that our male patients consult with our GVS bariatric surgeons. Five examples include:

  1. An overweight man chops healthy vegetables while talking with his wife in the kitchen. Obesity has impacted their family, career, and/or social lives negatively
  2. Diets, exercise programs, and other weight-loss measures have proven unsuccessful
  3. Confidence and self-esteem have been compromised, often leading to depression 
  4. Concern has heightened in terms of life longevity and become a burden to their family
  5. Health problems continue to worsen as a result of obesity

If any of the criteria listed above apply to you, bariatric surgery may be an option. Not all individuals qualify for bariatric surgery, which is why a consultation is always recommended. Bariatric surgery requirements typically include:

  • BMI of less than or equal to 40 and you are 100 pounds overweight
  • BMI of less than or equal to 35 and you have a medical condition such as type II diabetes, hypertension, osteoarthritis, gastrointestinal disease, heart disease, a sleeping condition (such as sleep apnea) or other obesity-related co-morbidity conditions 
  • Weight-loss has been unattainable after a prolonged period of time with proper diet and exercise modifications

More Than Simply a Place to Have Surgery

At GVS, our patient-centered care focusses on “wholisticcare—as in treating the whole person—mind and body! If you qualify for bariatric surgery, our bariatric surgeons will help provide the support resources needed to help you maintain your new healthy weight goals and how to improve your overall wellness—before and after surgery. 

During your consultation with a GVS bariatric specialist, you’ll be able to ask about bariatric surgery recovery time, associated risks, side effects, and the cost of the surgery. 

Find out more about why GVS is the local answer to searches for “bariatric surgery near me.”  Set up a consultation for FREE! Or, call us any time with questions at 574-236-1888.

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