Five Top Questions and Answers About Breast Cancer Surgery

Whether you or your loved one is faced with undergoing breast cancer surgery, it’s common to have questions. How many types of breast cancer surgeries are there? Are there any breast cancer surgery side effects? How long does recovery take? 

At GVS, we have an experienced, compassionate, and trusted surgeon dedicated to breast cancer surgery. Dr. Rotkis is known for his gentle approach and innovative surgical techniques. Our ultimate goal is to help our patients feel safe and comfortable. There is never a question you can’t ask!

GVS Answers Five Common Questions About Breast Cancer Surgery

  1. Is a breast cancer surgery mastectomy the only type of surgical procedure for breast cancer?

No. A masectomy is only one of a few different types of breast cancer surgeries. A surgeon may recommend a mastectomy for women and men with early-stage breast cancer. The procedure involves removing all the breast tissue to treat or prevent breast cancer. Many Michiana area patients choose Dr. Rotkis for his skin-sparing mastectomy techniques. This helps preserve breast skin, providing a more natural appearance of the breast. 

Additional common types of breast cancer surgery include:

A lumpectomy is performed to remove a tumor or portion of cancer from the breast tissue.

Following a partial or double mastectomy, a surgeon works to rebuild the shape of the breast or breasts either using a flap of tissue from another area of the body, or through artificial implants. 

  1. Are there any breast cancer surgery side effects?

The most common side effects of breast cancer surgery are:

  • Pain and discomfort
  • Infection
  • Seroma (swelling in the breast and/or armpit)
  • Lymphodema (long-term swelling of your arm, hand, breast, chest, and/or armpit) 
  1. What is the typical amount of breast cancer surgery recovery time?

Recovery time varies depending on the type of breast cancer surgical procedure. Less invasive breast cancer surgery may only require a few days of healing. A more involved procedure, such as a mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery, may require several weeks of downtime for a full recovery. 

  1. What happens after breast cancer surgery? How will you feel?

Many patients wonder what to expect after breast cancer surgery. Much like recovery time, the answer varies depending on the type of surgery and success of recovery. It may take a while before bruising, swelling, and scarring diminish. 

  1. How much does breast cancer surgery cost?

Breast cancer surgery cost depends on what type of insurance coverage you have. Your breast cancer surgical practice accounting team will help you determine how much of the surgery is covered versus any possible out-of-pocket expenses. 

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