Looking for Goshen and Elkhart Family Physicians for Surgery? Read This!

Dad has a hernia, mom needs her gallbladder removed, and five-year-old Joey needs abdominal surgery. Whom should they consult? If this family is like many others in Elkhart and Goshen, they will likely choose General & Vascular Surgery (GVS). In addition to routinely providing services needed to address many family-oriented health needs, GVS remains the proven and preferred choice of Elkhart family physicians for surgical needs, with a near-perfect score of 4.89 out 5 in patient satisfaction!

For new arrivals in Elkhart searching for family doctors near me, you may just have found the perfect destination for patient-centered, education-focused care!

GVS: Serving Goshen, Elkhart, and Surrounding Areas

An African-American doctor helps provide a surgical consultation to a little boy sitting on his mother’s lap.Whether you are new to the area or have been referred to Elkhart or Goshen family physicians for surgery, GVS offers a variety of services for the entire family. 

Take a look at five main areas of expertise offered by GVS:

Losing weight is not an easy feat. In addition to offering our patients the latest in bariatric procedures, the Bariatric Metabolic Institute adopts a comprehensive approach when it comes to weight loss. This includes providing the best in coaching, mentorship, and support resources (such as seminars and community groups) to make sure the weight comes off–and stays off! 

At GVS, we recognize each person who comes through our door as infinitely unique. As such, our surgeons are dedicated to providing compassionate, patient-centered care customized your individual needs. This includes using the latest and best surgical approaches— such as nipple and skin-sparing mastectomies, and incisional techniques. 

From colon and GI surgeries to colonoscopies, our GVS Elkhart family physicians and surgeons utilize precision diagnostics and personalized care to ensure the best patient outcomes. 

Our board-certified general surgeons routinely perform hernia, gallbladder, and pediatric surgeries. Whenever possible, we utilize minimally-invasive approaches to foster a safe, effective, and rapid recovery. We are also recognized for our use of innovative procedures including laparoscopic and advanced robotic hernia repair.

Vascular surgery encompasses a broad variety of conditions. Our GVS vascular surgeons address diseases and conditions such as carotid artery disease, aneurysms, pulmonary embolisms, varicose veins, stroke, and many additional issues affecting the vascular system. 

A Surgical Solution for the Entire Family

If you have been frustrated and unable to find an Elkhart or Goshen physician who can properly and expertly fulfill the surgical needs of your family, we hope you will consider GVS. We are an independent, physician-owned team, dedicated to providing your family with the highest quality of services, comprehensive education, and flexibility.

To learn more, consult with our physicians now! Or, call us now for questions at 574-236-1888—it’s time!

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