“Catching” Expert Elkhart and Goshen Family Physicians Has Never Been Easier

The bonefish, blue marlin, and flathead catfish are reportedly some of the most difficult fish to catch. There’s nothing more frustrating for a fisherman than waiting all day for that “elusive catch,” only to come up empty-handed. Sometimes, searching for a specialty surgeon can feel the same way. For those new to town or who have never needed general surgery services, it may seem like it takes forever to find the right surgeon. But, not so for people in need of Goshen and Elkhart family physicians.

At General and Vascular Surgery (GVS), we make it easier than ever for you to be matched with the surgical specialist that meets your specific needs. Learn about our main specialty areas and why we stand out as the top surgeons in Elkhart, Goshen, and beyond.

Goshen and Elkhart Family Physicians (High Ratings, Great Service)

One of the main things that helps reflect the value and quality of services we provide at GVS is our near-perfect patient-satisfaction ratings. On Google, Facebook, and patient surveys, we collectively score a 4.89 out of 5.0!

Our Goshen and Elkhart families appreciate that we are a physician-owned team, built upon best medical practices, and not driven by the motives of insurance companies.

But, one of the other major reasons patients choose GVS, is for our expert, comprehensive, and patient-centered care. We offer services for all ages, addressing a multitude of conditions. Take a look at some of the specialties we provide below:

From inguinal and femoral hernias to gallbladder problems and pediatric surgeries, our board-certified doctors address a wide variety of medical needs and conditions. Our surgeons are highly trained with experience in advanced and minimally-invasive surgical approaches.

Whether performing a laparoscopic, advanced robotic procedure, or a more traditional open surgery, our general surgeons strive to encourage a safe recovery and return to an active lifestyle for all patients. 

In addition to performing colon and GI surgeries, our colon specialists provide colonoscopies and comprehensive colorectal cancer screenings. Did you know that between 2012 and 2016, colorectal screenings rose 2%, with an increase of 5 million more people screened? This is positive news as these screenings are vital to prevention and early detection of colon cancer. We welcome patients, especially those ages 45 and older to book a screening with us. 

Dr. Michael Rotkis, known for his nipple and skin-sparing mastectomies and incisional techniques leads our breast care team. His compassionate and personalized approach helps the people he works with to feel comfortable, respected, and valued. 

Our Elkhart GVS vascular surgeons routinely diagnose and treat a number of diseases and conditions. Carotid artery disease, aneurysms, pulmonary embolisms, varicose veins, and stroke, are all examples of vascular system issues that can be addressed by a vascular surgeon specialist. While some vascular conditions are repaired surgically, others may be treated with conservative methods. 

Under the leadership of Dr. Luis Benavente, GVS embraces a comprehensive approach when it comes to weight loss. In addition to offering our patients the latest in bariatric procedures such as gastric bypass surgery, we also provide weight-loss coaching, mentorship, and support resources.

Catch of the Day—Now, You Can Be a GVS Patient Too!

At GVS, we try to make the patient experience as easy and stress-free as possible. From providing a wealth of information and education right here on our website to making sure each person has access to their individual GVS Elkhart family physicians’ patient portal, we want all our patients to feel they’re receiving the best and most thorough care possible.

To learn more, consult with our physicians now! Or, call us now for questions at 574-236-1888—it’s time!

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