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At times, it can be difficult to prioritize your health. With so many things going on around us, it can be overwhelming to take the time, pause, and focus on ourselves. With age, we’re often faced with increased responsibilities, caring for dependents, and a hectic schedule. But as we grow older, it becomes more and more important to ensure we’re not putting off important surgical procedures. If you’ve been researching doctors in Mishawaka, Indiana, or looking for Mishawaka doctors accepting new patients, look no further. At GVS, we offer care that is centered around you. We provide guidance and expertise to get you back to feeling your best.

Doctors in South Bend, Indiana: Learn More About GVS Services

If you’re considering various weight loss solutions, Dr. Luis Benavente can guide you through your weight loss journey. 

For mastectomy and breast reconstruction procedures, Dr. Michael C. Rotkis can help you determine what procedure is best for you while helping to preserve your natural beauty and self-esteem.

Dr. Edward Delle Donne is skilled in surgical repair procedures for a number of complex colon conditions.

While hernias can be fairly common, different types of hernias will require different types of surgical procedures for repair. Whether you’re experiencing an incisional or inguinal hernia, our board-certified surgeons are available to help you determine which procedure is best for your condition. 

For uncomfortable conditions, such as hemorrhoids, GVS offers minimally invasive, outpatient procedures to help you start feeling your best. GVS surgeons are the best doctors in Mishawaka, Indiana to help you understand your condition, provide you with experienced medical treatments and surgical care services, all while making you feel comfortable every step of the way.

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Whether you’ve been looking for doctors in Granger, Indiana, or doctors in South Bend, Indiana, our five surgical locations make our patients’ care as convenient as possible. When you ask your family practice physicians or primary care doctors who they would see for their own surgical procedures, they’re going to say GVS. With a 4.89 out of 5 patient rating, it’s clear that GVS has some of the highest-rated doctors in Mishawaka, Indiana. Our goal is to make patients feel comfortable and supported while receiving the care they need. Don’t put off focusing on your health any longer. Call us at (574) 236-1888 or schedule a consultation with one of our physicians today!

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