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Did you know that 600,000 groin hernia surgeries take place every year in the United States? Additionally, 300,000 cholecystectomies are performed to alleviate gallstones. Yet, for as routine as these surgical procedures are, people commonly avoid them. Reasons for putting off a surgery vary. Fear, time constraints, and not knowing where or with whom to consult for surgery can be a few of the reasons surgery is avoided.

When seeking expert, practiced, and compassionate surgeons in Elkhart Indiana, General Vascular, and Surgery (GVS) is the trusted solution. GVS has been providing a range of surgical treatments of conditions ranging from abdominal organs, breasts and lymph nodes to the vascular system since 1993. With near perfect five-star customer-ratings on Google, Facebook, and patient surveys, the physician-owned GVS team is here to ease your concerns, provide flexible care, and treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve.

Five Categories of Care Offered by GVS Surgeons in Elkhart Indiana

While the reservations of patients vary, the care offered at GVS remains reliable, consistent, and comprehensive. At GVS we offer multiple services in five main areas, which include:

  1. Colon Surgery

According to the American Cancer Society, 101,420 new cases of colon cancer were diagnosed in 2019 alone. While we have GVS surgeons specifically trained in addressing colon and colorectal cancer, our team is equally dedicated to preventative care. We offer both comprehensive screening and treatment options.

Our patients are comforted to know that our own Dr. Michael Rotkis is skilled and practiced in providing state-of-the-art breast care and surgery. Dr. Rotkis routinely performs innovative surgical approaches like nipple and skin-sparing mastectomies as well as incisional techniques similar to those used in cosmetic procedures. Dr. Rotkis strives to make each patient feel that her dignity, trust, and care are a top priority.

When patients have been referred to GVS for vascular issues, they receive the best care and treatment for a number of conditions. Our vascular surgeons routinely address aneurysms, peripheral circulation, and carotid stenosis, among other conditions.

While specializing in bariatric surgery, our Bariatric and Metabolic Institute team also serve as your coach, mentor, and support system. We offer a “holistic” approach to weight loss, in that we address the whole person, providing support before, during, and after bariatric surgery. This means added resources to empower patients in helping to maintain their healthy weight—with nutrition, exercise, and emotional support.

Hernia, gallbladder, and pediatric surgeries are part of the specialty services we offer under our general surgery umbrella. Patients of all ages are offered the most advanced approaches in surgery, with a caring, compassionate, and highly-skilled team. GVS surgeons utilize innovative technology and techniques, including laparoscopic and Advanced Robotic Hernia repair as examples.

When seeking a specialty practice for your health care needs, we hope you consider GVS. Don’t let fear or procrastination worsen an existing condition. GVS surgeons in Elkhart Indiana are here to help! It’s your time for safe, effective, and trustworthy care.


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