Is Your Hernia Surgery Specialist Committed to Your Recovery?

Going through with a hernia surgery far outweighs the risks that come with avoiding a recommended repair. Waiting to address a hernia increases the risk of your intestines becoming trapped in the hernia pouch, potentially resulting in serious health dangers. Some people may delay or avoid hernia repair surgery due to concerns regarding recovery.

A skilled, knowledgeable, and compassionate hernia surgery specialist not only strives for your safe and speedy recovery, but also ensures that you receive the time and attention you need.

At GVS, our goal is to make sure that each and every patient receives a personalized treatment plan, including a comprehensive guide on how to maximize recovery and return to an active lifestyle!

The Hernia Surgery Specialist’s Guide to an Optimum Recovery

Hernia surgery recovery time is an important and frequently discussed topic. When patients do a search for the best hernia surgeons near me, they will also likely look into what type of procedures their prospective doctor performs.

At GVS, our board-certified hernia surgeons are skilled and practiced in laparoscopic hernia surgery. Unlike the more traditional “open” hernia surgery technique which requires longer healing periods, laparoscopic hernia repair usually allows patients to return home the same day.

And, most laparoscopic surgery patients are able to resume light activity within one to two weeks.

To further encourage optimum hernia surgery recovery, our GVS surgeons suggest:

  • Avoiding lifting anything upwards of 10 pounds
  • Drinking plenty of water (between 8-10 glasses per day)
  • Increasing fiber intake (adding plenty of fiber-rich vegetables and fruits, in addition to fiber supplements if suggested by your doctor)
  • Introducing activity back into your routine slowly and as advised by your physician
  • Contacting your surgeon immediately if you experience fever, persistent and acute pain, swelling of your abdomen, continuous vomiting, or similar symptoms.

Dedication to Education and Patient-Centered Care

There are multiple reasons why GVS is considered to have the best hernia surgeons in Indiana. We consistently maintain high patient satisfaction and positive feedback because of our caring and compassionate surgeons, access to educational resources, and dedication to the latest advances in surgery and comprehensive services.

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