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Screening age for Colonoscopies is now 45 according to federal guidelines. Our surgeons are available for consultation concerning your screening. The sooner we catch any problems, the better you prepare for your future health. It has never been easier or safer to have a colonoscopy. Every surgical center or hospital offers this service as it is a diagnostic tool that can be performed in just a few minutes with the patient returning to normal life the same day. Secure better health for tomorrow and allow us to care for your colon health.

GVS Surgeons can provide the highest complexity repairs to a broad spectrum of Colon conditions. From removing cancer to repairing bowel and fistulas, our Surgeons are skilled in lower GI surgeries. This includes specialized anorectal surgery and a team approach to conditions involving multiple body systems. After a consultation, we can schedule with any qualified facility that fits your need.

Pain affecting the skin around the anus, also called perianal pain, and anal pain are common patient complaints, such a hemorrhoids. The anus and surrounding skin has many nerve endings, which can make pain feel severe. Fortunately, there is usually no cause for serious concern and most cases of perianal and anal pain can be treated with outpatient therapy or minimally invasive procedures. Treatment varies depending on the underlying cause of pain. Our GVS surgeons will work with you to find your best treatment based on your needs.


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