Hernia Surgery Consultation

Educating our patients and striving to make them feel comfortable has always been a priority at General and Vascular Surgery. That’s why our surgeons take the time to answer frequently asked questions and address your individual concerns during a hernia surgery consultation.

At GVS, we make sure each and every patient receives the personalized care, attention, and resources needed to achieve an overall positive experience.

Seven Things to Anticipate During Your Hernia Surgery Consultation

A hernia surgery consultation should be your opportunity to present any queries you may have. It’s also a time to voice concerns and learn all you can to help maximize your recovery. In an effort to help educate you and put your mind at ease, take a look at seven aspects of hernia surgery often discussed during pre-surgery consultations.

  1. Going over Hernia Precautions Before Surgery. Your surgeon will likely advise no eating or drinking six hours prior to your surgery, in addition to keeping your abdomen washed and clean.
  2. Lifting Too Soon After Hernia Surgery. It’s important to wait the recommended four to six weeks before lifting anything over 10 pounds. Doing so may trigger the reoccurrence of a hernia after surgery or cause other problems.
  3. Addressing Post-Surgery Complications. Although most hernia procedures will go off without a hitch, if you experience persistent pain, fever, vomiting, or swelling of the abdomen, it’s important to contact your surgeon immediately. 
  4. Learning When You’re Able to Return Home. Many people are able to return home the same day they have hernia surgery. 
  5. Discovering When Your Scar Will Heal. Depending on what type of hernia surgery you have, incision healing time typically takes between four to six weeks. 
  6. Finding out When You Can Resume Activity. Depending on the hernia repair, most patients return to normal activities within two to three weeks following surgery. 
  7. Practicing Abdominal Exercises After Hernia Surgery. This answer varies depending on whether you have an open incisional hernia repair or minimally-invasive laparoscopic hernia procedure. An open hernia repair may require a recovery period between eight and twelve weeks before abdominal exercises can be performed. Patients who have laparoscopic hernia repair may be able to return to abdominal exercises earlier. It’s best to defer to your surgeon for a personalized timeline in which to safely return to any type of physical activity. 

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