Bariatric Surgery Near Me

If you have tried exercise and dieting only to feel like little-to-no progress has been made, you are not alone. Exercise and diet alone may not be effective for people who have been diagnosed with obesity. The frustration that men and women experience when actively taking steps to lose weight and improve their health is real, and something we understand well at General and Vascular Surgery (GVS). It’s also the reason we are considered one of the top Bariatric Clinics in Elkhart, Indiana.

Three Reasons People Choose GVS as the Preferred Elkhart Clinic for Bariatric Surgery

When other forms of weight loss have failed for individuals with obesity, bariatric surgery can help. At GVS helped countless residents throughout the Elkhart area (and beyond), not only lose weight through bariatric surgery but to also develop lasting routines and strategies that help maintain healthy weight. Take a look at three benefits of GVS that make us the preferred choice of bariatric clinics in Elkhart, Indiana:

  • Compassionate, Personalized Care

At GVS, we provide a safe, comfortable, and judgement-free atmosphere. In fact, Dr. Benavente is widely known for his compassionate, friendly approach.

  • Innovative Surgical Knowledge and Expertise

Dr. Benavente received a Fellowship in Advanced Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Surgery at The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas. His fellowship-training enables him to perform the latest, most effective surgical techniques for best patient outcomes.

  • Comprehensive Weight-loss Program

In addition to being a premier choice for gastric bypass in Elkhart Indiana, GVS—under the leadership of Dr. Benavente— provides comprehensive weight-loss support and resources. This includes community groups, seminars, and more to help bariatric patients achieve and share their weight-loss goals (and successes!)

You don’t have to face the frustrations and hardships of obesity alone. Now can be your time to begin a safe and successful weight-loss journey. If you’ve been searching for bariatric clinics near me or bariatric surgery near me, we hope you’ll consider choosing GVS as one of the best bariatric clinics in Elkhart, Indiana.

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